About Us


Our current mission is to set up an infrastructure that can sell farming equipments and also to provide consultancy for the farmers in Botswana on innovative ideas and technologies. Special emphasis will be given on demonstration for the use of these equipments and on various innovative farming technologies on pilot sites set up especially for this purpose.

The Company will also set up an assembling and manufacturing unit for cost effective equipments made from locally available material for the above methods of farming.

We aim to make farming a productive business even for farmers with limited resources in terms of land, care or cash flow. Our knowledge, designs, infrastructure, and solutions can: Reduce fertilizer cost, maximize your space potential, reduce water usage, increase pest & disease resistance, increase yields, and increase operational profitability.

We strive to continue to consolidate our market positioning through the growth of our customer portfolio, offering customized service and anticipating their demands. Continuous research, the development of new lines of work and new product presentations will allow us to improve our competitiveness and continue to be a company of reference. We intend to optimise our business results by promoting teamwork and professionalism, and upholding our social commitment to the ongoing development of our products and services in a sustainable manner, and with greater guarantees for the end consumer.

Our Approach

The company focuses on Transparency, Team Building and Core Processes. The strengths of the Management Team are open-mindedness and flexibility. These features have been the main drivers behind Farmers World achievements to date. Farmers World has since its foundation invested in qualitative and “hands on” recruitment to build an outstanding and communicative team.

Business Strategy

Farmer’s Worlds strategy in the short term (2009 - 2013) was to create a sufficiently large Customer base where the economies of scale could be realized.

In the medium term (2013-2016), Farmer’s World is working on investing in areas where there is a need for Farming Requirements in Botswana.

Our Services